Dress Code

With two fantastic, full-service dining venues now available within the building, the Madison Club is taking the opportunity to update its dress code. In the new Five East Lounge & Tap Room, we look forward to welcoming patrons in casual dress at all times. Simultaneously, Churchill’s fine dining room will now assume a more tailored standard of dress throughout the majority of the workweek. Please note the following distinctions:

5 East Lounge and Tap Room (lower level) – Casual dress is welcome at all times and includes denim, shorts, tennis shoes, and t-shirts. Please note this space closes for the duration of the weekend after Friday lunch (2 PM).

Churchill’s Dining Room (third floor) – Business attire or better is expected in Churchill’s at all times when 5 East is operational (All day/evening Monday through Thursday and through Friday lunch). Welcomed attire in Churchill’s during these times includes collared dress shirts or golf shirts, dress pants, dresses, slacks, or other professional or dress attire of the same caliber. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, and denim are not acceptable during these hours.

When the lower level is not open (Friday evenings and Saturdays all day), casual dress is welcome in Churchill’s.

The Madison Club is unique in its ability to offer first-class service in both a casual and formal setting. We look forward to seeing you soon and delivering a five-star experience for you and your guests, regardless of the occasion.