The Legacy Initiative

The Madison Club is now twelve years into its second century of service to its members and their families. Over that 112 year history, five generations of our members forged the legacy we now enjoy and strive to honor, a legacy focused on family, community and embracing the challenges and opportunities of civic, social and corporate leadership. 

This year, the building in which those five generations of leaders met to discuss and address their challenges and opportunities turned 110 years old. It stands today as a testimony to their vision and commitment to family and community. Given its age and the unprecedented challenges generated by the COVID pandemic, it also stands in need of repair, renovation, and reimagining of space.

In order to address these needs, your current Board of Directors and Club senior management have spent the past six months developing a Legacy Initiative that we believe will enable our generation not just to honor the legacy of commitment to family, community and problem solving, but also to sustain and energize it 

We believe that honoring the Legacy requires honoring our members, which means that the first step in this necessary and ambitious effort must be the engagement of our fellow members. To that end, we have developed a sequential series of informational member digital briefings designed to provide you with the information you need to understand the challenges, consider the opportunities, evaluate the recommendations, and hopefully to support this critical undertaking.