Want to Increase your Sales? Change your Beliefs (and a few Strategies)! Thu, May 10, 2018 — 11:45AM to 1:00PM

Featuring Susan Thomson of ActionCOACH Business Coaching

When I was running my last company, our customers were big players - Home Depot, Sears, True Value Hardware and the like.  And I used to sweat every one of those sales meetings - if we screwed up, I was shuttering a distribution facility, laying off people, and failing people who were counting on me for their livelihoods.  So no sleep and sick stomach every time we were in front of a buyer.  Think I was able to put on my game face and not have that "show" during a sales meeting?  Think again.  

Your beliefs around sales and what's possible drive your words, your thoughts, your "vibe" (fear vs. confidence) and therefore your results.  The more you get that sales is a process and skill that can both be learned - and continually refined - AND you understand how your beliefs around sales impact your success, the more successful you'll become.  Join us to learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and behaviors, and watch yourself soar!

Event price is $19 and includes lunch. Guests are welcome! Please register to attend here: https://maymomentum.eventbrite.com