Ribeye Special every Friday & Saturday Fri, Apr 16, 2021 — 5:00PM

With spring here, it felt appropriate to start a new weekend special featuring some of Chef Adam’s favorite spring ingredients!

Every weekend in April you can enjoy a grilled 12 oz. ribeye steak with watercress mashed potatoes, charred spring onion butter and morel mushrooms for $55.99. Please note, Chef Adam is unable to receive in morels so this weekend we will be substituting the morels with other foraged mushrooms and lowering the price to $46. As many of you know, morels are a true treat and something many of our members look forward to every season. For those of you who haven’t tasted morel mushrooms, the April special is the perfect time to cross it off your list! Our culinary team even thinks of morels as a “rock star” in the food world due to their unique earthy and nutty flavor, their scarcity, and their ability to spruce up any meal!

The ribeye special will be available both in Churchill’s and to-go. Orders in the Club and to-go will be required 48-hours in advance in order to plan accordingly. To place your reservations, please call the front desk at 608-255-4861 or look for the ribeye special on our to-go menu.