Historical Fiction: How Much History? How Much Fiction? Wed, Aug 8, 2018 — 5:45PM

Can you imagine ruling one of the world's largest dynasties at age 17? Margaret George illuminates the characters of history in a meticulously researched method. George has completed her seventh novel, “The Confessions of Young Nero,” and expects its sequel, “Emperor Nero: The Splendor Before the Dark” to be published in October of 2018. George has been published since 1986, has been on numerous best-seller lists (including the New York Times), and just this year was awarded an Outstanding Achievement by a Wisconsin Author award by the Wisconsin Library Association. Please join us for a fascinating, author-led discussion on the genre of historical fiction.

Event price is $50 per person and includes dinner. Registration is open to all Madison Club members, and guests are welcome.

"George's reconstruction of the man, in terms both of his public life and private character, is more than a revisiting of fact: it's a subtle exploration of identity and the insidious effects of power. 'Confessions' is all about identity: How is it made, lost, reinvented?...Margaret George occupies that blurry space between history and fiction. And between Tacitus and Margaret George, I rather think its George's account that is not only most sympathetic but most truthful." -Diana Gabaldon, Washington Post

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