Free Coaching Sessions for all Club Members from ActionCoach Sat, Oct 31, 2020

Members, this is an incredible offer from ActionCoach. For those of you who are not familiar with ActionCoach, let us tell you - they are incredible! They offer different coaching sessions to transform your current business into your ideal business. To learn more about ActionCoach click here.

A message from Partner & Licensed Coach and member, Susan Thomson: “To our fellow Madison Club business leaders, we keep seeing more and more businesses shutting down, and others who are “hunkering down,” who are not going to survive another 6-12 months of COVID-19. We’d like to do something to help.”

ActionCoach has opened up 5 free coaching sessions each week to help Madison Club member businesses who have been impacted by COVID. These will be first come, first served, based on availability. Email to request your free session.