Enjoy dining on our patio all year long with our Snowglobes! Mon, Oct 19, 2020

Something truly enchanting has arrived at the Madison Club this season, and it will whisk you away to a stunning winter wonderland. While dining is usually held indoors during this time of year, with our Snowglobes you can enjoy dining on our patio all fall and winter season long. 

Two clear, heated globes have been added to our rooftop patio! Our Snowglobes offer a clear view of the lake, glowing stars, snow falls, and so much more. Equipped with trendy decor, twinkling lights, a Snowglobe Concierge, and perfectly crafted food and beverage packages, the Snowglobes will leave you with an evening you’ll never forget.

Members can indulge in a variety of hors d’oeuvres and cocktail packages to satisfy your entire globe group all while taking in an unforgettable view of the city. The food packages are comprised of dishes such as seasonal cheese plates, mini tacos, Alaskan seafood towers, and skewers. The dessert package features member favorites including churros, chocolate covered strawberries and petite towers. The beverage packages include anything and everything you could ever want. From Manhattans to Hot Toddies we’ll have options to cool off or fire up your globe.

It’s time to shake up 2020 in a positive way with a one-of-a-kind wine and dining experience so mark your calendars and call in your reservations! The Snowglobes are available to rent in two-hour time blocks from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM or 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM. Get ready to relax in a luxurious snow globe and gaze out at the wonderland around and enjoy gourmet dishes and beverages.

Following your reservation, the front desk will send out everything you need as well as our food and beverage menus for you to pre-order.

“We all enjoyed it tremendously. The food was delicious. We had plenty to eat and drink. The service was great. The Snowglobe was spacious and very comfortable even with a full complement of six people. I know we’d all love to do it again! I can’t think of any suggestions for things to do differently.” - Club member who rented a Snowglobe.

Snowglobe Drink Packages

Snowglobe Food Packages

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