Cooking Adventures with Executive Chef Adam Sat, Sep 18, 2021 — 11:30AM

Many of you have seen Chef Struebing walking around the dining room or making an appearance at special events, but we’d like to invite you to join Chef Struebing behind the scenes, to really get to know what makes him tick.

Adam has been with the Club for over nine years but his passion for food started long before. From a young age, Chef Struebing watched and learned from his Sicilian grandfather in the kitchen. He quickly learned to appreciate the unmatched quality of fresh ingredients, and this inspired his choice to study food professionally.

Chef Struebing has always looked at food as more than just placing ingredients on a plate – for him, food is something that brings people together. People that otherwise may be separated by age, culture, or profession can come together and enjoy a meal as a shared experience. As the Executive Chef at the Madison Club, Chef Struebing is driven by the desire to provide these kinds of experiences for our members, and that drive is evident in his cooking style and philosophy.

In order to provide an elevated and unique experience for our members, Chef Adam is constantly looking for inspiration. The best way for him to find it is by trying new things himself – whether that be traveling and eating in a new place, learning and studying about a new culture and its food, or just paying attention to things that happen in everyday life. For the first time at the Club, Chef Struebing would like to invite members along with him on a series of ‘adventures,’ around Wisconsin - to learn, find inspiration, and pay homage to the Midwest and it’s local ingredients.

All trips will be limited to ten members. To sign up, please email Sarah Lensmire at


Join Executive Chef Adam and other members on our very first cooking adventure to visit previous Executive Chef, Andrew Wilson, at his very own restaurant, Brandywine. Chef Andrew opened Brandywine with his wife in 2018. Housed in a historic building dating back to 1862 in downtown Cedarburg, Brandywine, is named after an heirloom tomato in memory of Wilson’s mother, who loved to grow the variety. Chef Wilson has always had a passion for making pasta, and his menus focus on Wisconsin influenced dishes with close-to-home ingredients. 

Chef Adam and Chef Andrew will once again combine creative forces and treat members to a private lunch with wine pairings at Brandywine to start off the day. To attend this event, the cost is $75 per person. Members will meet at Brandywine at 11:30 AM and can expect for lunch to end around 1:30 PM. After the meal, Chef Adam will walk with members to the local “Wine & Harvest Festival” being held just blocks away. This is the 47th year of the Cedarburg festival that was established to celebrate and appreciate the splendor of the autumn season. With live music, food courts, specialty wines and beer, and plenty of local vendors, this festival is the perfect way to welcome fall and all it has to offer.


If bourbon whiskey is your beverage of choice, then you won’t want to miss the adventure to J. Henry & Sons Farm on Thursday, October 13th. This private event will take place from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM and the price is $65/per person. 

At this adventure, you will have the opportunity to enjoy bourbon, chocolate and light snacks created by Chef Adam. Liz Henry will be accompanied by Madison Chocolate Company for a demonstration on why chocolate and whiskey pair so well together. 

The J. Henry story began with growing superior corn, wheat and rye on Henry Farms. When they decided to produce bourbon, they specifically selected an heirloom, red corn developed at the University of Wisconsin in 1939.They chose these grains because Joe’s dad Jerry grew them for 30 years (1940’s - 1960’s). J. Henry & Sons Farm had to repropagate these heirloom grains and are the only people in the world using them in our mashbill, making J. Henry & Sons Bourbon unique.

Their bourbon is a natural extension of what they already do, and it’s their privilege to offer bourbon whiskey made with their exacting production standards from high-quality ingredients grown right on their farm.